In Round Rock

Research from Jan Stovall indicates that Dr. John C. Black was a “49er” prospecting for gold in California. He moved to Round Rock sometime before 1859. Our own centennial history indicates that he was present on December 17, 1858 for the first meeting under dispensation. He was then duly elected and installed in 1859 as the first Worshipful Master of the newly chartered Round Rock Lodge. He was elected to serve again as Worshipful Master in 1864 (the lodge roll had been somewhat depleted by the American Civil War then raging).

Dr. Black was a physician who worked out of his home. On the night of June 11, 1869, two men, one of whom pretended to be ill, appeared at Dr. Black’s doorstep and shot him in cold blood. They rode away firing into the night, never to be caught. (1)


(1) Historical Round Rock Texas, by Karen R. Thompson & Jane H. DiGesualdo (1985) Eakin Publications ASIN: B0006YQURM