Form 26 – Petition for the degrees of masonry.
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    Is Masonry right for you?

    Before you download or request a petition and return it to the lodge, there are a few questions you should ask yourself as well as some information you should know. The following is intended to assist in answering the question, “Is Masonry right for me?”

    Is Freemasonry a Religion?
    NO. Although very spiritual in nature, Freemasonry is not a religion. It must be understood that within the walls of this Masonic Lodge, lies a vast amount of members with different belief systems, to include Christianity, Muslim, Buddhism, Judaism and many others.

    Is it expensive to be a Freemason?
    Like many organizations, membership comes at an expense. Further explanation of costs will be explained at a later time.

    Will it take up a lot of my time?
    Because Masonry is a life long journey, there is no specific amount of time obligated to dedicate to the Craft. As with anything else in existence, you get in return what you put in.

    Does my family have to be involved?
    NO. Although, families are always welcome and certainly encouraged to attend functions such as dinners, officer installations and other special ceremonies. Only Masons, however, are allowed to attend official “lodge business” meetings.

    Will joining Freemasonry change my life?
    Absolutely! As a system of morality, the nature of our Craft is to make good men better. Any man who desires to become a better father, husband, brother and all around human being will be touched and for ever changed by our system; ultimately changing his life.

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    The Process of Petitioning

    Ask for Information

    If you know a Mason, ask him about the fraternity. Don't be shy, we love talking to those interested in Masonry. If you don't know a Mason, you can use the Lodge Locator to find a lodge near you and contact them. You can also use the "Ask a Mason" feature on our website.

    Visit the Lodge

    Try to find out if there is a good time for you to visit the lodge. Take this as an opportunity to meet some of the members and ask questions. Don't be intimidated, they'll be happy to see you. Most lodges have dinner before their regular stated meetings (meetings usually occur monthly) and guests are almost always welcome. In many areas more than one lodge may exist. Visit as many as you can, get a feeling for the lodges you visit and pick the one that best meets your needs.

    Request a Petition

    Request a petition from a Mason or from the lodge you would like to join. You can also find a PDF version of the petition here. Your petition will require the signature of several Masons. If you don't know any Masons, ask the lodge you're petitioning for advice.

    Submit Your Petition

    Turn in your completed petition to the lodge you would like to join. Ask if there are any fees that need to accompany the petition and bring a copy of your birth certificate. Your petition will be received by the lodge and will be read during a stated meeting.

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    Now that the lodge has your petition, these are the actions you can expect the lodge to take:

    The Investigation

    The Master of the lodge you submitted your petition to will assign three members of the lodge to interview you and investigate your background. The investigators may want to meet with you at home. There is a standard set of questions that all investigators must ask, but many will ask additional questions. Be honest with the investigators. No Mason is perfect...we don't expect petitioners to be perfect, either.

    The Ballot

    Your investigators will be given a deadline by which to return their completed investigation reports to the lodge. Their reports along with their recommendation will be read to the lodge at a stated meeting. At this time, the Master of the lodge will usually call for a ballot to be taken on your petition. Eligible Masons will then vote on your petition and the outcome of the ballot will be announced to the lodge.

    After the Ballot

    Soon after the stated meeting, a member from the lodge should contact you with the outcome of the ballot and provide you with additional instructions.