Round Rock Masonic Lodge is glad that you are taking the time to support our Ancient and Honorable Fraternity. Your contribution to the various charitable events and lodge funds will allow Freemasonry to continue to support and enable your community to thrive. Rest assured, your contribution will be put to good use. Your community and the members of this lodge thank you greatly for your generosity.

*Important Tax Deduction Information

** Please consult a tax professional ** Although some of a lodge’s activities include charitable work, membership in a lodge usually is not a tax-deductible expense. However, you might be able to deduct some contributions that pass through your lodge. Donating to a charity that associates with a fraternal organization does not automatically qualify you for a tax deduction. Also, you cannot deduct contributions to a specific person, even if you make the contribution through a charity. Consult with an accountant if you have more specific questions. More information and links are provided below.

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    More tax information regarding your donation.

    More information about Masonic charitable donations:

    Information about cash, item and other types of donations:

    The IRS Publication 78 Charitable Organization Search website:

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